Welcome to the Bella 'Mbriana, where flavours and fragrances are mingled with places and times, making your dinner unique.

Pizzeria Bella 'Mbriana is located in the wonderful small town of Polignano a Mare, in province of Bari, overlooking the picturesque square of the historical center.

Its name comes from the album’s name “La Bella Mbriana” by a famous Italian, the Neapolitan singer Pino Daniele. Its meaning stands for a home-loving as being part of the popular imagination of Naples.

How not to be pleasantly surprised and enchanted by the flavours of the baked pizzas made by the pizzeria Bella 'Mbriana? Unable to escape the quality resulting by the genuineness of the products, by the skill of pizza makers, and, in the end, by a traditional wood-burning oven; These are all ingredients that give pizza unique sensations.

However, pizzeria Bella 'Mbriana is not only a pizza maker, here you can taste local dishes, such as gnocchetti (a kind of fresh pasta made whose dough can be made with potatoes) and baked in the wood-burning oven, as also potato gateau, baked scamorza (small unfermented soft cow cheese) and delicious second dishes of fresh meat. You will choose local craft beers, local wines as also our handmade wine.